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Filmmaker Laura Poitras, whom NSA whistleblower reached out to, on Subversity in 2010

To listen to Laura Poitras on the first half of the 17 May 2010 edition of the Subversity show, click here: .

Update 1: NY Times on Poitras,

Laura Poitras, the MacArthur Award-winning filmmaker whose video revealed the identity of the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, was previously on KUCI's Subversity show talking about her film, The Oath, on the casualties of the war on terrorism.  She also talked on the show about her own experiences with Homeland Security, which has detained her numerous times in her travels through U.S. airports.  She was named a MacArthur fellow in 2012, with an award of $500,000.  She also made My Country, My Country, on Iraq, which was nominated for an Oscar.  Snowden first contacted her in January this year.

Click on a link to our announcement in 2010 of our interview, which took place 17 May 2010, when she preceded our interview with the directors of the Harvest of Loneliness, a documentary on the bracero program.

Video by Poitras on Snowden at the Mira in Hong Kong:

Poitras also wrote some of the stories on Snowden's disclosures about widespread NSA surveillance on Americans and foreigners for the Guardian and the Washington Post.

She is currently in Hong Kong documenting the Snowden case as part of a documentary on whistleblowers.

She also participated in a Surveillance Teach-in recently:

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Earlier article with later Guardian co-writer:

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Trailer to The Oath:

Trailer to My Country, My Country

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